bryant heat pump 016Among the brands of heat pump that can be found today is the one called Bryant. Certainly there are several products offered by this particular brand that people can choose the one best fit their needs. Generally there are three products lines offered by Bryant namely Legacy, Preferred and Preferred Compact, and Evolution Extreme and Evolution Standard. Among those lines, the one called Evolution Extreme and Evolution Standard is the top level models from Bryant. Thus it is going to be interesting to find out about that particular line and probably compare it to other brand’s top tier products.

So, here it is the top level model of Bryant heat pump like on HeatPumpDivas under the name of Evolution Extreme and Evolution Standard. In this top level model, Bryant offers several things in order to be able to match other brands’ top level models. Efficiency, sound, and also operational resiliency are among the things offered by Bryant so that it can be considered to be one of the best options of heat pump in the market today. The Evolution Standard model was listed as a Consumer Digest Best Buy of 2012 with a high level of efficiency. Yet the efficiency level remains lower compared to the Evolution Extreme model though.

Moving to the unique characteristics of the Evolution Extreme model, it was also listed among the Consumer Digest Best Buy of 2012 alongside the Evolution Standard. In term of its sound level, within the market it is considered as one of the lowest sound levels with 58 dB in cooling and 62 dB in heating. Furthermore it is also capable of dealing with humidity control. One great feature of this product is its ability to operate at the temperature of 9 F. Variable speed compressor adds the great features of this top tier product from Bryant.