heat pump reviews 06Frigidaire is the best Chinese heat pump manufacturer that is famous due to the quality of its product. Compared to any other heat pump products, the product by Frigidaire has smaller dimension. Although it has smaller dimension, it is still capable of producing enough fresh air for large room. The dimension of this product is about 23.3 x 22.6 x 15.4 inch. Meanwhile the total weight of this product is almost 80 pounds. If you feel not comfortable with this product, we are going to discuss about the specification of this product to give you sufficient reference regarding its quality.

The cooling capacity of Frigidaire FFRH0833R1 is about 8,000 BTU. That number means it is capable of cooling down certain room temperature easily. Moreover, it has the heat pump about 7,000 BTU. You can use this heat pump power to pump the heat inside the room out. In other hand, the supplemental heat capacity for this product is about 2,500 BTU. To make the owner of this product more convenience, it incorporates 115 V of standard household outlet. Most heat pump reviews called this product as a heat pump that can work efficiently.

As it goes with any Frigidaire product, it is capable of changing the temperature of 250 square feet of space in an instant. As for dehumidification, it is capable of changing the humidity of the same room 1,5 pints for every hour. You can either control this device manually by remote control or set the timer for it. Therefore, you can arrange the temperature of your room for 24 hours nonstop. Besides has auto cooling feature, to make the user feel comfortable it also incorporates energy save mode, and sleep mode when not being used. The air direction from heat pump is spread over eight different ways. Moreover, you can wash the mesh filter or check the filter easily. You can obtain this product by spending $489,99.