laser level 06Measuring level of a surface is conventionally conducted by using leveling bubble. The leveling equipment traps bubble inside of transparent tube. When the bubble is located in the center of the tube, it means that the surface is level perfectly. However, this leveling equipment sometimes gives incorrect reading. It is difficult to tell whether the bubble is located precisely in the center or a bit off. Modern leveling equipment uses laser to get perfect measurement. iCooker laser level is an equipment with three different approaches for measuring the level of a flat surface. Here is the specification of this multipronged measuring equipment.

In this laser level reviews, we are going to discuss about the three-pronged approach of this leveling equipment. The conventional mechanism of leveling bubble is still used in this equipment. The tube is in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal position. This conventional mechanism allows you to measure level of a surface in three different positions. It also features measuring tape and ruler to measure length. The length of the measuring tape is up to 8 foot. The last feature of the three-pronged approach is laser beam leveling. It uses latest technology that allows you to know the level of a surface with an incredible pinpoint accuracy.

The power used for the laser beam comes from battery. Fortunately, the product includes battery and the backup in the package as well. The product dimension is only 5.1 x 0.9 x 2.7 inches. Since it has slim size, you can fit it in your equipment bag. Moreover, the weight is only 5.6 ounce. Therefore, you can bring it along with you when working. As measurement equipment that is used in construction, this product is relatively cheap. You can purchase it with only $11.99. That is considered as an amazing deal due to the multipronged approach of measuring that you can do with this product.