rowing machine 06For people who love to spend most of their precious moment at home, everything must be wonderful within the house. You will most likely spend your day by doing various activities that are usually done outside, thanks to the touch of the futuristic technology. Sport can always be done indoor, and with the latest technology, the number of sports you can do at home becomes even more various. A rare tool you usually find at the gym can now be used for your own private usage. Indeed, rowing machine is now a common thing, specially designed for indoor usage at your house.

You can find rowing machine reviews on the market, but many of them will only display the standard ones. If you are into affordable rowing machines under US$150.00, here are the handy reviews! For starts, there’s Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine on the market. With the price of US$78.84, Sunny Health and Fitness might be considered as the most affordable one. However, it is clearly not a mediocre rowing machine. With the simple design, it is compact and comfortable. Furthermore, it is highly adjustable, in conjunction with the electric monitor that will display handy information for your exercise.

Indeed, Sunny Health and Fitness is affordable and fun to use. If you want something more with some additional expense, Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 is here for you. For US$124.36, you will get a wonderful and unique rowing machine that is both unique and highly functional. In addition to the usual rowing machine functions, it is packed with gas-shock resistance. Trac Glider’s main function is its compatibility, with its powerful and stylish steel frame and easily foldable feature. These two rowing machine reviews are just few among great rowing machines on the market, fit for your wallet and your dearly beloved house.