towel warmerA home spa would be never complete without the addition of simple bliss towel warmer. It would be a nice, luxurious, comforting and soothing day when coming home from a demanding day, relaxing under a hot, comforting shower, and then taking out from the shower wrapped in a freshly warmed towel. There are so many things these warmers can do for you. Learn more about these warmers including tips on how to appropriately use your warmer before your taking one home so you can enjoy them for lots more time. You can also invite your family or relatives to buy good new shower heads for their homes

Heating a towel in the right way

Heating your towel can be done in right way or wrong way. The greatest amount of heat transmitted into the towel won’t be achieved and takes longer to warm by just hanging your towel over a warmer. Creating a tent shape is the right way to warm your towel on a warmer. To help holding the heat, make sure you loop your towel above the upper, and then insert the end back all the way through. This also helps to make sure that the heat is equally dispersed and spread. Some warmers let you to fill in your scent oils choice straight into the heating part. The fragrance is lightly out into the towel as the warmth flow through the towel warmer. Grant the best in soothing and lessening with lavender or jasmine scent, and start your break of day off with a shake and add refreshes your senses with fresh blast of mint, eucalyptus, or lemongrass. This pure scent covering the towel stimulates the senses that is wrapping you and enveloping yourself in smoothness and heat when you step out of the shower.

Styles and Features

Towel warmer comes in two basic types, electric and hydronic. Electric warmers are similar to an electric blanket that functions by warming up coils that are going all the way through the warmer. These warmers may plug into your electrical supply by hard-wiring, or easily connect with a cable and plug to activate. Hydronic warmers are similar to a steam radiator by warming water that run all the way through the device. These warmers are typically installed straight to your wall and a closed-loop hot water heating supply provides power. You can maximize out of use with a range of extra features from your warmers. Your device may be built-in with superfluities such as digital timers, split towel racks, and robe hangers. These add-ons will make your shower enjoyable and refreshing.